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We Treat Your HVAC Systems Right

By doing a few small things throughout the year, you'll be able to extend the life of your heating and air-conditioning systems and save yourself from both headaches and higher bills. Contact the professionals at AC Texas if you have any questions or think your HVAC systems are not running as efficiently as they once did. Ask about our long-term warranties.

AC Tips*

  • Do not let your heat escape! Make sure all your doors and windows are shut tightly.

  • Check for leaks, and replace old weather stripping or caulk.

  • Use your window shades and drapes to maximize heating benefits.

  • Keep shades closed at night to conserve heat.

  • During the winter days, open shades to let the sunlight in.

  • Add humidity. Humid air feels warmer than dry air.

  • Increasing your home's humidity helps you avoid winter colds and dry skin.

  • Ask us about Trane Humidifiers.

  • Keep your air filters clean.

  • A dirty or clogged filter can make your furnace work harder, which costs you more.

  • Much of the heat escaping homes is lost through the attic.

  • Be sure to close off any attic vents or fans during the winter.

  • Check on how well the attic is insulated. Our technicians can help.


*Tips provided by the Department of Environmental Protection


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