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Act Fast When You Hear These Sounds Coming From Your Furnace

We can't belabor how critical it is to understand the warning signs that your HVAC system needs a heating repair.

When you turn on your heat, be on the lookout for these precautionary signs of disrepair or failure.

Screeching - When you hear unpleasant screeching noises from your furnace, this could indicate that your blow motor is having issues. The blow motor is responsible for circulating heated air throughout your home. It's always the best practice to call a professional HVAC company to have them inspect your heating unit. The technician will assess the situation to determine the problem and determine the next steps to fix the issue.

Clanking - If you hear a sound that resonates like metal hitting metal, this warning sign could indicate that an HVAC component, such as the blower wheel, is loose. We recommend that you turn off your central heat and call an HVAC company immediately. If you keep your heater running, you run the chance of causing further damages.

Smoke - If you notice the smell of soot or see visible smoke blowing from your heater vents, you'll want to shut off your heat and call for heating repair right away. This warning sign could indicate a range of issues, from oot buildup to a cracked heat exchanger. Since soot can become flammable or cause poisonous fumes, this is something you'll want to address right away.

Booming - If you hear a booming or banging noise when your HVAC system kicks on, this is a sign you have a dirty burner. Grime and dirt accumulating on the furnace burners and heat exchangers interfere with ignition and pose a risk to your home and the heating system, as well.

Rattling - While the occasional rattle might not have you particularly worried, this situation isn't one that should get overlooked. In reality, this can be quite harmful to your HVAC system and indicate a cracked heat exchanger. When you have a cracked heat exchanger, it results in carbon getting burned, potentially releasing dangerous gasses, including carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, and sulfur dioxide, into your home. All of these gasses are harmful and potentially deadly to humans and pets.

Scheduled HVAC Maintenance For Optimal Performance

Among the most dependable ways to ensure that your heating system is ready for the cold season and running at optimal levels is by performing regularly scheduled maintenance.

Residential and commercial clients in the Arlington, Texas, area can rely on AC Texas for all their HVAC repair and maintenance needs.

We're always happy to work with new and returning clients to help keep them safe, warm, and comfortable during the autumn and winter seasons.


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