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Caring for Your Air Conditioning System

When the weather turns from cold to hot and uncomfortable, the last thing you want to worry about is turning on your air conditioning unit, only to find it doesn't work as you expected it would.

Anytime your AC unit sits dormant for a lengthy period, there is always the chance that you might notice an odd buzzing, an unfamiliar odor, or find a pesky leak. If any of the above happens, you could find yourself sweating at the most inopportune time. To help avoid emergency repairs when you rely on your air conditioning unit the most, here are measures you can take to maintain your HVAC unit through all seasons of the year: Follow The Recommended Maintenance Plan - Many of today's modern Air Conditioning units include a free maintenance plan to help ensure it works properly for as long as possible. If your AC unit qualifies for free maintenance, there is no good reason to procrastinate on an inspection and preventative HVAC repair. If a maintenance plan doesn't cover your AC unit, an annual inspection can help identify faulty fans, coolant hoses, and problems with the starter motor. Depending on the current shape of your unit, you might consider buying a replacement AC that is more energy-efficient and comes with a maintenance plan. Replace Air Filters - Replacing the air filters in your HVAC system help to solve two problems. Firstly, clogged air filters prevent treated air from getting dispersed through your home. Secondly, when treated air can't get adequately circulated, there is a chance components of the air conditioning unity could freeze and cause significant damage to your HVAC unit. Make Sure The Unit Has Shade - When your HVAC system gets constant exposure to heat and direct sunlight, it has to run harder. As you can imagine, this can put additional stress on the unit to not only cool your home but also to run efficiently. When you turn the thermostat in your house down, it has to work extra hard to pump treated air inside. If possible, make arrangements to provide shade to the area for the hottest parts of the day. Keep The Unit Clean - A dirty HVAC unit can contribute to lower performance levels. To help keep your AC running at its best, keep all surfaces of the unit free and clear from dirt, dust, debris, and pollen that may contribute to faulty operation. Call An HAVC Professional - If all else fails, and you need a hand with minor or significant HVAC repair in the Arlington, Texas area, call AC Texas today! We provide a wide range of HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance services to keep your house comfortable during all seasons of the year.


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