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Common HVAC Myths

As a homeowner, your heating and air conditioning play a significant role in your overall comfort. To help you stay comfy and cozy all year long, here are some of the most common HVAC questions and myths surrounding their HVAC services. Our objective is to help ensure that your unit is running efficiently.

HVAC Filters Only Need To Get Replaced Once A Year

This statement is false. Ideally, HVAC filters should get replaced every thirty days. Fortunately, air filters are relatively inexpensive and easy to install without much help. If monthly replacements are unfeasible, replacing filters at the start of every season - or ninety days - is the next best option.

The Best HVAC System Is The Biggest One Available

Untrue. And, quite the opposite. Choosing an oversized HVAC unit for the size of your home leads to less efficiency. A larger HVAC unit can't remove humidity from the air properly, so it's critical to choose an HVAC system recommended for your house. Trust us, and you'll thank yourself when your energy bill arrives.

It's Best To Run Your HVAC System Until It Breaks Down

Not true. Much the same way you probably wouldn't get a new car and run it into the ground by not getting maintenance, the same concept applies to your HVAC system. To maintain the top-level operation of your cooling and heating system, investing in regular HVAC service and maintenance helps you avoid more significant problems.

Annual inspections, cleaning, and maintenance help detect refrigerant leaks, straighten crooked fins, and address small problems that are easily repairable.

It's Easy To Uncover Air Leaks In Your House

If you think there is an air leak in your home, finding it yourself isn't a simple task. The most straightforward way to test the integrity of your ductwork is to have a qualified HVAC technician check for leaks.

Even the smallest leakage can significantly impact the efficacy of your HVAC system. Residents in the Arlington, Texas area who need help finding air leaks can rely on the team at AC Texas. Our trained HVAC technicians have the tools and experience to detect air leaks and take corrective measures to seal them.

Repeatedly Adjusting Your Thermostat Is The Best Way To Control Your Environment

Nope. Constantly adjusting your thermostat is the worst way to stay in control of your environment. If you're doing this, it could mean one of a few things.

The first is that your thermostat is old, outdated, or giving an incorrect reading.

The second could be your unit needs servicing. Low refrigerant, damaged coils, or the motor needs attention.

If you recently purchased a home or it's been a while since your last HVAC inspection, AC Texas provides professional, friendly, and prompt service to customers throughout Arlington, Texas. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


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