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Tips For Keeping Your Outdoor Air Conditioner Condenser Clean

Regular maintenance plays a critical role in keeping your HVAC unit running effectively all year long. When the summer weather kicks in and the days grow longer, you don't want to worry about your air conditioner having problems.

To keep your A/C running optimally, here are some helpful tips to keep your condenser ready to handle your Texas summer cooling demands.

Typically, condensers get installed outside the home or structure. Housed inside is the fan that circulates fresh outside air through the condenser coil.

It's not unusual for grass clippings, leaves, dirt, and other airborne debris to make its way into the condenser. Clogged or dirty condensers have to work harder to cool your home, which puts wear and tear on your unit.

How To Clean Your Condenser

First, remove any plants or items in a three feet diameter around the unit. Ensure there's at five feet of clearance in the upward path of the air. Ideally, you shouldn't install the outside unit under any obstructions, such as a deck or a decorative trellis. If underneath either of these things, consider having an HVAC company relocate the unit to an ideal space or remove the deck.

Pollen and dust can accumulate in your air conditioning unit's coils, so the longest time you should go between cleanings is two years. If you run the unit for four or more consecutive months, annual inspections are ideal. Newer HVAC units may have warranty coverage, which offsets the expense of this service.

Before you begin cleaning, turn off the power first. Use a whisk brush or old hairbrush to remove visible lint and debris from the louvers and fins.

If the outdoor coil or aluminum fins are deeply dirty, it's best to call an HVAC company to clean it professionally.

For a deeper clean, spray a biodegradable coil cleaner on the coil. After ten minutes, use a garden hose on a gentle spray to flush the coil and cleaner away.

After you've cleaned everything, turn the power back on.

Always wear protective gear, including eye protection and a respiratory mask when working with chemicals. This protective gear prevents you from inhaling chemicals or getting it in your eyes. If you get a professional A/C repair from an HVAC company, they follow all industry regulations.

A/C Service And Repair In Arlington, Texas

If the Texas duststorms have affected your air conditioning unit's efficiency, the sooner you address the issue, the better.

AC Texas provides prompt, professional, and expert A/C repair services to residential and commercial clients in Arlington and surrounding communities.

When you call us, we'll be there for you. We offer free estimates, and after-hour, emergency, holiday, and next-day services for your convenience.


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