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Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC System

During the scorching hot Texas summers and colder winter months, there is nothing more inconvenient than having your HVAC unit go out. To help you avoid this predicament as much as possible, here are some maintenance tips from AC Texas, the leading HVAV services available in the area.

Bigger Isn't Always Better - While you might be under the impression that "bigger is always better," this isn't the case with heating and cooling units.

Investing in a too big HVAC unit for your home can result in higher energy bills, inefficient operations, and problems controlling humidity levels. If you are unsure of the HVAC size you need for your home in Arlington, call the experts at AC Texas. Our friendly and experienced team of HVAC system technicians can evaluate your situation and make recommendations based on your unique needs.

Installation Location - Choosing an installation location for your HVAC system also impacts the efficiency of the unit.

Ideally, selecting an area with some shade and coverage from the direct sunlight helps offer some protection, so that your unit doesn't have to run as hard to heat or cool your home. You'll also want to keep the area surrounding the unit free from dirt, debris, and lawn clippings to help ensure troublefree operation.

Cleaning And Maintenance - Like every piece of machinery, regular cleaning, and maintenance of your HVAC unit help to keep it running at optimal levels all year long.

If you have a newly installed HVAC unit, some of this work could have warranty coverage. As you might imagine, this can help to offset some of the associated expenses of keeping your heating and cooling unit working at optimal levels.

Check Your Thermostat - In some cases, an old or faulty thermostat can contribute to the temperature in your home being off. For instance, if the thermostat is in the direct path of a heat source, such as sunlight or a lamp, this can result in false readings.

Since the thermometer picks up these higher readings, it kicks your cooling system into overdrive to bring the temperature reading down.

Today's modern thermostats have advanced significantly in recent years. Smart thermostats provide homeowners with additional tools to control the temperatures inside their homes more intelligently. Programmable thermostats allow you to set the temperatures for the entire day.

If you and your family are away at school or work during the day, you can set the temperature to something that conserves energy while no one is home.

During the evening, when everyone is home, you can adjust it as needed for your comfort.

Need Help? Contact The Experts

If you live in Arlington, Texas, and your HVAC unit could use a little TLC, contact the pros at AC Texas today!


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