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My AC Fan Is Running But Not Cooling. What's Wrong?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Imagine this. The temperatures outside are rising quickly, and the comfort level of your home is suffering. When you check your air conditioning unit, the fan runs, but there's a lack of cool air. What could be wrong?

Here are a number of the common reasons this could happen.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

If the AC is on and your fan is running, but you don't feel any cool air, it could be due to a problem with your thermostat. The AC unit may be working correctly, but somehow the thermostat isn't turning off the AC compressor at some point during a cooling cycle.

To confirm this as the cause of your issue, you can check the AC thermostat setting and ensure the setting is lower than you want the AC unit to be running. If the AC unit is working correctly but not cooling your house properly, there's a decent chance that your AC thermostat has gone haywire.

Incorrect HVAC Unit Size

If a home AC system is too small for the size of space getting cooled, it will get challenged when trying to meet your cooling needs. In addition to that, an AC unit constantly in use will quickly wear down, leading to higher AC repair costs in the future. But don't get fooled! Choosing a unit that's too large isn't a good idea either. AC systems that are too large don't cool the space as they should and result in higher energy bills and less efficiency.

Blocked Fins Or Filters

Central air units require fresh outside air to operate. If the airflow gets blocked by dirty filters or clogged fins, the lack of fresh air intake prevents the unit from running correctly. AC filters should get cleaned or replaced regularly, depending on how often the AC is running. And AC fins can get clogged with dust and dirt, so they need to get cleaned periodically as well.

Obstructions Between AC Unit And Outdoor Components

If AC parts get exposed to direct sunlight, heat can build up and keep AC units from cooling. AC units need to draw air into the AC system, and having obstructions in place can disrupt this process. AC technicians will often check for obstructions between AC parts and ensure that nothing is blocking airflow when troubleshooting.

Malfunctioning AC Compressor

The compressor in your air conditioning unit plays a vital role in keeping your space cool and comfortable. However, the lack of cold air circulating in your home could indicate that the AC compressor isn't working correctly.

If you're experiencing AC problems and you're unsure what's wrong, call the HVAC experts at AC Texas for prompt and professional service today!


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